The Word of God teaches the blessing of giving and emphasizes the pattern of making needs known to the body of Christ, so that those willing, can bring an offering to defray the cost of ministry.  In the Old Testament,God instructed Moses to take an offering from all "whose heart prompted him, and whose spirit moved him" to give into the Kingdom of God.  There was so much given that Moses finally had to actually tell the people to stop giving. 

It is the prayers and financial support of people like you that help us to be able to continue the ministry that He has called us into!  Whether it be helping us with a transportation issue, monthly ministry expense, or helping us to facilitate a missions trip, your giving is greatly needed and appreciated.  If you would feel prompted or moved to give a one-time or monthly contribution to The Chandlers, you may do so with your Paypal account or credit card, by clicking the link below.

God bless you one hundred-fold is our prayer!